Board & Committees

County Commissioner or Designee (3):
Mike Ponozzo
Lewis County Commissioner

Tom Lamar
Latah County Commissioner

Bob Tippett
Nez Perce County Commissioner

ID.Dept. Health & Welfare Empl. (2):
Teresa Shackelford
Program Mgr-Behavioral Health
Department of Health & Welfare

Jennifer Shuffield
Clinical Sup.-Behavioral Health
Department of Health & Welfare

Court Appointed Judiciary Representative  (1):
Lisa Martin
Dist. 2 M H Court Coordinator
Idaho Supreme Court

Law Enforcement Officer (1):
Vacant Position
Vacant Position

Adult Correction System Rep. (1):
Mike Smith
IDOC - Probation and Parole

Representative of Juvenile Justice System (1):
Skye A. Taylor
Latah County Youth Services Director

Physician or Other Licensed Health Practitioner (1):
Kristy Kuehfuss, PhD

Representative of a Hospital (1):
Elizabeth Patzer
Director, Mental Health
St. Joseph Regional Medical Ctr

School District Representative (1):
Cynthia Nunez

Private Provider of Mental Health Services (1):
Sara Bennett
Riverside Recovery

Private Provider of Substance Use Disorders (1):
Beverly L. Fowler

Mental Health Advocate (1):
Jim Rehder

SUD Advocate (1):
Darrell Keim

Parent of a Child with Serious Emotional Disturbance (1):
Shannen Hotchner

Parent of a Child With SUD (1):
Darcy Lodge

Family Member of an Adult Mental Health Consumer (1):
Deborah Lind

Family Member of an Adult SUDs Consumer:
Kathy Connerley

Adult Mental Health Consumer Representative  (1):
Diane Kovach

Adult SUD Consumer Rep. (1):
Jenny Teigen

Tom Stroschein

Joyce Broadsword

Chris Goetz

Non-Board Sub-Committee Members

Adult Behavioral Health
Dean Allen Sara Bennett Beverly L. Fowler
Darrell Keim-Chair Tom Lamar Darcy Lodge
Jim Rehder Teresa Shackelford Tom Stroschein
Jenny Teigen    
Jim Rehder-CHAIR Teresa Shackelford  
Childrens Mental Health
Jim Crowley Mary Evans Jennifer Fishman
Deborah Lind Brenda McKenzie Sue Nelson
Cynthia Nunez Cindy O'Brien Mickey Radon
Teri Rainey Jim Rehder Teresa Shackelford
Tabitha Shears Jennifer Shuffield Alyse Staley
Skye Taylor-CHAIR    
Crisis Center
Joyce Broadsword Kristy Kuehfuss Darcy Lodge
Tom Lamar Joyce Lyons Carol Moehrle
Beth Patzer-CHAIR Jim Rehder Teresa Shackelford
Tabitha Shears    
Dean Allen Beverly L. Fowler Lisa Martin-CHAIR
Cynthia Nunez Jim Rehder Teresa Shackelford
Michael Smith Jenny Teigen  
Joyce Broadsword Tom Lamar-CHAIR Jim Rehder
Teresa Shackelford    
Needs and Gaps
Diane Kovach David Makin Elizabeth Patzer-CHAIR
Jim Rehder Teresa Shackelford  
Mike Ponozzo-CHAIR Beverly L. Fowler  
Dean Allen Sara Bennett Jenny Chaffee
Beverly L. Fowler Deborah Lind-CHAIR Jim Rehder
Melanie Scott Teresa Shackelford