Board & Committees

County Commissioner or Designee (3):
Mike Ponozzo
Lewis County Commissioner

Kathie LaFortune
Latah County Commissioner

Tom Lamar
Latah County Commissioner

ID.Dept. Health & Welfare Empl. (2):
Teresa Shackelford
Program Mgr-Behavioral Health
Department of Health & Welfare

Jennifer Shuffield
Clinical Sup.-Behavioral Health
Department of Health & Welfare

Court Appointed Judiciary Representative  (1):
Lisa Martin
Dist. 2 M H Court Coordinator
Idaho Supreme Court

Law Enforcement Officer (1):
Jason Davis
Lewis County Sheriff

Adult Correction System Rep. (1):
Glenda Thomson
Dist. 2 Felony Probation & Parole

Representative of Juvenile Justice System (1):
Skye A. Taylor
Latah County Youth Services Director

Physician or Other Licensed Health Practitioner (1):
John Rusche, MD

Representative of a Hospital (1):
Shari Kuther
Provider Practice Manager
St. Mary’s Hospital

School District Representative (1):
Lisa Bomley

Private Provider of Mental Health Services (1):
Sara Bennett
Riverside Recovery

Private Provider of Substance Use Disorders (1):
Beverly L. Fowler

Mental Health Advocate (1):
Jim Rehder

SUD Advocate (1):
Darrell Keim

Parent of a Child with Serious Emotional Disturbance (1):
Megan Comstock

Parent of a Child With SUD (1):
Tammy Lish-Watson

Family Member of an Adult Mental Health Consumer (1):
Deborah Lind

Family Member of an Adult SUDs Consumer:
Kathy Connerley

Adult Mental Health Consumer Representative  (1):
Diane Kovach

Adult SUD Consumer Rep. (1):
Jenny Teigen

Prevention Specialist (1):
Sharlene Johnson

Tom Stroschein

Joyce Broadsword

Chris Goetz

Todd Hunt

Non-Board Sub-Committee Members

Adult Behavioral Health
Dean Allen Sara Bennett Beverly L. Fowler
Darrell Keim Tom Lamar Darcy Lodge
Jim Rehder Teresa Shackelford Tom Stroschein
Jenny Teigen-Chair    
Mike Ponozzo Jim Rehder-CHAIR Teresa Shackelford
Childrens Mental Health
Deborah Lind Shannen Hotchner Zlata Myr
Cindy O'Brien
Mickey Radon Teri Rainey
Jim Rehder Teresa Shackelford Jennifer Shuffield
Skye Taylor-CHAIR    
Rural Crisis Response Project
Beverly Fowler Tom Lamar - CHAIR Joyce Lyons
Carol Moehrle Beth Patzer Jim Rehder
Teresa Shackelford Jennifer Shuffield  
Dean Allen Beverly L. Fowler Lisa Martin-CHAIR
Cynthia Nunez Jim Rehder Teresa Shackelford
Michael Smith Jenny Teigen  
Joyce Broadsword Tom Lamar-CHAIR Jim Rehder
Teresa Shackelford    
Needs and Gaps
Diane Kovach David Makin Elizabeth Patzer-CHAIR
Jim Rehder Teresa Shackelford  
Mike Ponozzo-CHAIR Beverly L. Fowler  
Prevention Grant
Sharlene Johnson-CHAIR Darrell Keim Kathy Connerley
Jason Davis Jim Rehder Teresa Shackelford
Dean Allen Sara Bennett Jenny Chaffee
Beverly L. Fowler Deborah Lind-CHAIR Jim Rehder
Melanie Scott Teresa Shackelford